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High specification RF shielding meets growing use of MRI

Envirotect states that the increased demand for diagnostic MRI scanners in the healthcare industry has resulted in a number of requirements for its copper radiofrequency cages and magnetic interference steel shielding protection.

Envirotect manufactures the copper MRI shielding system at their premises in Leighton Buzzard.  The company says it will visit an installation site at least once to verify conditions and dimensions, which helps with the accurate manufacture of a custom room.  Components are transported to site and moved into position where any small adjustments will be made prior to the final installation.  Manufacturing the panels, windows and doors in advance saves valuable time on site.

A recently-introduced range of MR patient transfer equipment includes MR-safe transfer trolley and MR-safe folding wheelchairs, which are completely ferrous-free, CE marked and safe to use in all MRI facilities including 7 Tesla.

Also available is a range of radiation shielding products including lead lined panelling, door sets, screens, observation windows, cabinets, lead glass and lead vinyl.

Editorial printed in the September issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect MRI

High specification RF shielding meets growing use of MRI

The advance in prostate cancer detection by MRI scanning reduces the number of patients requiring invasive biopsies to one in four men. According to Envirotect, this highlights the need for a reliable, high specification RF shielding system to provide the scanner with the environment required to allow the equipment to function to its maximum potential.

Envirotect manufactures a copper RF shielding system, which it says is widely recognised as the industry’s preferred ‘cage’ type.  The company will soon be adding a number of complementary products to their range with details of the first phase being released at UKRCO meeting.

Envirotect also manufactures and supplies an extensive range of radiation shielding products including specialist lead glass. Managing director Niven Smith says its preference is German glass Schott RD50, which conforms to the latest international standard IEC 61331-2:2014.  Also available is lead glass at coded thicknesses to save over specifying the thickness required and therefore the cost, with lead equivalences of 1.8mm, 2.24mm, 2.65mm and 3.15mm available. For higher powered scanners such as PETCT, Envirotect can carry out a specification matching against the radioactive tracer to ensure the correct glass is supplied.

Editorial printed in the June issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Kettering Rad Mag Jun 17

Growing requirement for MRI shielding leads to company’s expansion

Increasing demand for shielding and protection has led Envirotect to increase its workforce by 50 per cent.  To meet orders for a copper shielding system for MRI scanners the company has recruited additional staff and production operatives.

Since introducing RF and magnetic shielding for MRI scanners three years ago Envirotect says it has put together an enthusiastic team to work on various MRI projects across the UK and Europe.

At the beginning of the year dedicated MRI contracts manager Howard Nutkins was appointed to work alongside MRI development manager Steve Rumble and MRI project coordinator Kevin York.  Nutkins has brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience gained while working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years.

With the uncertainty of preparing to leave the European Union, the MRI team has been focusing on reducing the industry’s reliance on imported products and components.  Envirotect uses purpose made components produced from high quality materials and each RF cage is designed and manufactured at its Bedfordshire facility to suit individual projects and site conditions.  The Made in Britain campaign marque can be found on all of its products.

Managing director Niven Smith said: “As a nation we need to become less reliant on goods and components from overseas and become self-sufficient.  I feel that leaving the EU will bring new circumstances and opportunities to British industry.”

The company has manufactured a range of radiation shielding products for CT, PETCT and general x-ray facilities for nearly two decades, along with made-to-measure radiation storage units and test cabinets.

It will be exhibiting at UKRCO on June 12-14.   

Editorial printed in the May issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Chenies Mews MRI Delivery

UK Radiological and Radiation Oncology Congress

Envirotect Limited are looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s UKRCO which will be held at Manchester Central Convention Centre on 12th – 14th June 2017.

UKRCO is an annual event and consists of a three-day multidisciplinary scientific congress and technical exhibition which run simultaneously in one location. The event is aimed at all those involved in the field of radiological science and radiation oncology.

Our team look forward to welcoming you at our stand and please feel free to pick up one of our exciting goody bags.

Visit us at Stand Number 87


Thank you Keith!

Keith Harrington is celebrating his 10th year with Envirotect Limited.

Envirotect would like to take this opportunity to thank Keith for all his hard work and dedication over the years within our busy workshop.

We hope you enjoyed your cake – yum yum!

Envirotect Keith 10 Years B

European Congress of Radiology 2017

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) was a great opportunity for our managing director, Niven Smith and MRI development manager, Steve Rumble to discuss our increasing portfolio of RF cages for MRI with radiology professionals, radiographers and industry representatives. 

ECR 2017

Scotland’s first 7.0T scanner is manoeuvred into position

Glasgow University Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE) at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has taken delivery of Scotland’s first 7.0T MRI scanner.  The Siemens Magnetom Terra will be used to carry out research into a variety of conditions such as strokes, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

The 18-tonne magnet core was inched down an alleyway by crane before being manoeuvred into position through a hole in the wall at the new ICE building constructed to house the department.

The environment to house the scanner was created by specialist Scottish contractor IDM (UK) Limited, which installed hi-tech service to support the scanner, with the magnetic and radiofrequency shielding manufactured and installed by Envirotect Limited.  This technology will enable the magnet to be cooled to minus 269°C.

A team of Siemens engineers has been busy completing the scanner installation, calibration, testing and commissioning.  Head of Glasgow University’s College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak sees its arrival as an endorsement of the pioneering work already carried out by the university.

Envirotect Limited manufacturers and supplies products such as lead lined door sets, x-ray screens, observation windows, lead vinyl and lead glass as well as RF cages and steel shielding for MRI scanners.

The project was recently covered by the BBC and you can read the full report by clicking on the following link:

Envirotect MRI Scanner ICE Building Glasgow 1
Envirotect MRI Scanner ICE Building Glasgow 2
Envirotect MRI Scanner ICE Building Glasgow 3

Hello to our New Contracts Manager!

Howard Nutkins has joined Envirotect Limited as contracts manager in our busy RF shielding department.  Howard brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience having spent many years within the building industry.

Envirotect would like to take this opportunity of welcoming Howard to our ever-growing team.

Envirotect Howard Nutkins Contracts Manager

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho it’s off to work we go…

It’s not all work and no play for our skilled craftsmen.

For the past two years Envirotect have helped Beaudesert Lower School PTA with their carnival float. 

Themes have included Fairy Tales with our workshop creating a large MDF magic mirror for a Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs themed float which saw Beaudesert Lower School PTA take 1st place in the Schools and Children’s Organisations category.  

The following year was the turn of Films & Movies and our team was asked to create a Candy Shop for a Charlie & The Chocolate Factory themed float which saw the PTA take 2nd place. 

This year’s theme is The Colours of the Rainbow.

For more information click on the following link:

Magic Mirror
Candy Shop

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year From Envirotect!

Envirotect would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your valued custom and loyalty throughout 2016.

Our offices will be closed from Friday 23rd December until Tuesday 3rd January. Normal office hours resume on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Envirotect Santa Hat 2

Congratulations Steve – you’ve reached your 100th milestone.

Envirotect would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Steve Rumble on reaching his 100th milestone.  Steve now has a ruby donor card and has been invited to join a special ceremony to celebrate his amazing achievement where he will be presented with a gift and a certificate.

Well done Steve!

Blood and platelet donors do an amazing thing when they donate.  Without their kind generosity, many patients simply would not be alive today.  If you are interested in donating please click on the following link

Blood Donation

Helping to raise money for a great cause!

Andy Webb and Darren Grogan of DD Porters Ltd have recently grown moustaches for the Movember Foundation.  The pair known as The Three Bro-migo’s happily grew their facial hair to raise some money and in their own words “help change the face of men’s health and have a laugh along the way”.  Envirotect were happy to donate money to this great cause and helped the guys to raise over £1,500.   Well done!  

There is still time to donate by clicking on the following link:


UK Scouts, Swazi Rover Scouts & Malibeni Community Youths working together to create a better world

Following a busy year of fundraising including events such as BBQ’s, selling homemade jewellery and holding a stall at a carnival, Scouts from all over Hertfordshire including Sarah Smith, daughter of Envirotect owners Niven and Janine Smith, were able to fund a project in Swaziland.  The Scouts travelled to Swaziland where they met with Swazi Rover Scouts who stayed with the group throughout the whole expedition.

Hertfordshire Scouts were continuing with work on a project which originally started in 2011.  The main focus of the trip was to commence with construction of a community/youth centre in the small town of Malibeni, Swaziland.  The project involved digging the trenches for the foundations, laying the foundations, starting the brickwork and clearing the surrounding area; all skills that the Scouts had acquired during training camps held throughout the course of the previous year.

The Scouts worked on the project for just over a week and members of the local high school were encouraged to help with the project.  This was especially nice as it gave the Scouts an opportunity to mix with locals of their own age and distribute donated items that they had amassed prior to the trip.  The Scouts were also able to offer their wealth of experience to the younger generation which will help them to continue with work on site until 2018 when the Scouts are planning a return trip to add the finishing touches to the centre.

Every day that the Scouts were on site a small group would offer their services at a local soup kitchen where over 50 children would attend on a daily basis.  The children were a mix of orphans and local children whose families could not afford a decent meal.  The Scouts felt that it was important to help and get to know these children personally as they will benefit from the community centre in the future.

Whilst working on this project the Scouts stayed at a farm called Gogo Khoza (Grandma Khoza) which was a family farm of one of the Swazi Rovers.  The Scouts stayed for a week and a half and were made very welcome.  Gogo herself was blind but the children that lived on the farm helped to assist her.  During this time the Scouts got to know the children very well; Leo was the eldest at 13 and he taught the Scouts Swati so they we able to speak to the younger children; Toba 9, Maheiro 8 and Neisagalel 5. The Scouts helped to cook whilst staying at the farm and at one point they had to cater for 80 people as Gogo had invited her church round to pray for her ill nephew.

Luckily for the Scouts the trip was not all work and no play as they visited Kruga National Safari Park where they stayed overnight and saw four of the big five.  They also went white water rafting and abseiling.  The Scouts had the chance to visit God’s window and Bourke’s Luck Potholes which were breathtakingly beautiful.

Envirotect Scouts 001
Envirotect Scouts 002
Envirotect Scouts 003
Envirotect Scouts 004
Envirotect Scouts 006
Envirotect Scouts 007
Envirotect Scouts 008

Envirotect Happy to Help Local School and the environment

Envirotect are happy to help Beaudesert Lower School PTA by providing empty ink cartridges for recycling with Empties Please.

Back in 2014 the school redeemed their ‘Green Reward Points’ for a lovely butterfly tower for their nature garden and the money which the school has recently received will help fund a Christmas Pantomime trip for the whole school to attend.

Managing Director Niven Smith says “it is a pleasure helping to raise vital fundraising for a local school whilst doing your bit for the environment by recycling empty ink cartridges”.

The scheme was brought to Envirotect’s attention by an employee whose children currently attend the school.

Empty ink cartridges can be dropped off in the bin provided by Empties Please in the school foyer.  Please check the PTA noticeboard to see which cartridges can be recycled or visit for further information.

Empties Please Envirotect 1

Magnetic Protection For Guy’s MRI Scanners Is Squeezed Into Roof Void in Complex Installation

Works to install RF and magnetic shielding for two MRI scanners has been completed at Guy’s Hospital, London, a site that lies within the shadow of the Shard.  According to Envirotect, deliveries had to be carefully timed to avoid interference with the day-to-day operation of the hospital.  Small vehicles brought in the equipment rather than large lorries, due to the narrow, congested streets.

Planning was essential as all of the materials had to be unloaded by hand and moved through the hospital.  Prearranged routes were determined to ensure that the minimum inconvenience was caused to the working hospital.  Staff and patient safety was paramount while planning the routes.

Envirotect says the project was unusual as magnetic protection to the floors of both scanner rooms was required.  The shielding had to be installed to the ceiling below, as it could not be accommodated within the original rooms.  This proved to be a complex procedure as tonnes of steel had to be lifted and positioned into spaces within the ceiling void which were already crowded with pipework and services.

Since introducing RF cages for MRI to complement a range of radiation shielding products, Envirotect can now arrange for vibration surveys and magnetic gauss field shielding calculations to be carried out.

The company manufactures a range of bespoke radiation shielding products for CT, PET and general X-ray rooms, and made-to-measure radiation storage units and test cabinets.  It also offers neutron shielding for radiotherapy rooms.

Editorial printed in the June issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Guys MRI Steel Shielding

Rad Magazine Foundation Golf Day

This year was RAD Magazine Foundation’s fifth charity golf day and Envirotect were proud to be sponsors of this event.  Through generous support RAD Magazine has managed to raise over £6,000 to support the Stroke Association charity.

Rad Mag Logo
Stroke Association

Envirotect Exhibit at UKRC

Have you seen our photograph in this months RAD magazine?  Our managing director Niven Smith is photographed with John Baird from IDM UK Ltd whilst exhibiting at UKRC.

Envirotect UKRC2016 IDM

Explorer Scouts Help with community project in Swaziland

Envirotect owners, Niven and Janine Smith, are extremely proud to support their 15 year old daughter Sarah, who is giving up most of her summer holiday to travel to South Africa and Swaziland in order to work on a community project. In July Sarah, along with another 20 Explorer Scouts, 7 Network Members and 10 Leaders, all from Hertfordshire will be flying to Johannesburg and travelling to Swaziland where they will meet with 12 Swazi Rover Scouts to test their bricklaying skills by helping to build a community centre, after which they will dig a borehole. They will be camping in the village and will be sharing the locals’ already very limited facilities. It will not all be hard work though. Once the bricklaying and digging are complete they plan to visit the Kruger National Park and enjoy some other fun activities including White Water Rafting. Sarah and her cohorts have all been busy fundraising since early autumn so that they are able to buy the building materials and hire the equipment for the project upon arrival. The group will also be taking donated items with them to help disadvantaged children within the area. Donations include clothing (including football kits!), footwear, computers, games, toys, sports equipment and mobile phones. Some of the fundraising events that the Hemel Hempstead Explorer Scout group have recently been involved in have included organising a fun day for younger scouts and their families which provided activities and food, a cake and coffee evening, selling homemade jewellery, leaflet drops, baby sitting and offering their services with any other odd jobs. All of the money raised from these events will go directly towards the project and not the trip. Pictured is Sarah at the Family Fundraising Day – colour a square to win a prize. The Giraffe and Elephant were painted on plywood that was donated by Envirotect Limited.
Envirotect Elephant
Envirotect Giraffe Elephant
Envirotect Giraffe 1

A fourth year of exhibiting at Saudi Health

Envirotect’s managing director Niven Smith returned to the Kingdom to exhibit for a fourth year at Saudi Health. 

Having established the company throughout the Kingdom it was an ideal opportunity to speak directly with key members of staff from the Saudi Arabian healthcare industry.

Saudi Health 2016

Saudi Health 2016

Our managing director, Niven Smith is returning to Saudi Health and will be exhibiting at stand number 324-3.

16 – 18 May 2016

Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, KSA

Saudi Health

UKRC 2016 visit us at stand 26



ECR 2016

Envirotect’s MRI development manager, Steve Rumble and managing director, Niven Smith attended this year’s ECR in Vienna.  It was a chance to meet up with contacts to discuss our increasing portfolio of RF cages for MRI rooms.

ECR 2016 Logo

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day cruk_wcd_940px_348px_banner

Shielding is ready for new breed of PETMR

Envirotect offers an extensive range of bespoke shielding products providing protection for all diagnostic radiology aspects including general x-ray, CT and PETCT. Its boron loaded polyethylene shielding can be utilised in radiotherapy rooms to allow the safe use of linear accelerators.

Introducing RF shielding and magnetic steel shielding to the product portfolio has allowed Envirotect to offer customers a complete shielding package. It has also permitted Envirotect to develop a combination of radiation and radiofrequency shielding for the introduction of the new breed of PETMR scanners which are due to be trialled in the UK for detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

The company can display the Made in Britain marque on its products and holds ISO9001 certification.

“With unrivalled knowledge and experience in the complex field of RF and x-ray shielding, we can adapt to our customers’ challenges and requirements,” the company states.

Editorial printed in the January issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Made in Britain Xray Screen Glass

Happy New Year 2016

Envirotect would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!

We will be attending some not to be missed shows & events throughout 2016 and we look forward to seeing you.

Envirotect New Year 2016

Oman Health
20-22 September 2016
Oman International Exhibition Center
Stand 245

Oman Health Logo

UK Radiological Congress (UKRC)
6 – 8 June 2016
ACC Liverpool Stand 26


Saudi Health
16-18 May 2016
Riyadh International Covention & Exhibition Center
Stand 324-3

Saudi Health

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Envirotect would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your valued custom and loyalty throughout 2015.

Our offices will be closed from Wednesday 23rd December until Monday 4th January.  Normal office hours resume on Monday 4th January 2015.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Envirotect Christmas 20151

Envirotect Ltd extend Made in Britain marque

Bedfordshire based Envirotect Ltd, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Radiation and RF shielding, have been busy redesigning their product labels to incorporate the Made in Britain marque.

The company’s bespoke shielding range will display high quality anodised aluminium Made in Britain plates to complement their existing product description plates on all joinery products with lead glass displaying a Made in Britain sticker which have been produced by a fellow member of the campaign.

Managing director, Niven Smith, is passionate about British manufacturing and whenever possible materials and suppliers originating in the UK are used, enabling faster manufacture and delivery times.

Envirotect says it is the only shielding manufacturer in the UK that is member accredited and able to display the Made in Britain marque on their products.  They also hold an ISO9001 certification which recognises Envirotect’s commitment to manufacturing and quality craftsmanship. 

Their specialist range of shielding products include lead lined door sets, x-ray screens, observation windows, lead vinyl, shielded cabinets and lead glass as well as RF cages and steel shielding for MRI scanners.  All shielding products are manufactured in their UK workshop and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Envirotect’s MD, said: “We are proud to be part of the Made in Britain Campaign and feel it is vital to promote British manufacturing as the UK are renown for quality craftsmanship and products which are respected across the world”.

See the full news article on the Made in Great Britain Campaign website

Envirotect Made in Britain Door Plate
Made in Britain banner 835px x 357px

Rad Magazine Foundation Event

Did you see the October issue of Rad Magazine. Great news that Envirotect helped to raise more than £6,000 for The Stroke Association whilst having fun with colleagues from the medical industry.

RAD Mag Golf Day October 2015 Issue

Charity Golf Day

Envirotect’s Nigel Payne and Steve Rumble gathered with colleagues and friends from the medical imaging industry at Five Lakes golf course near Colchester to raise funds for the Stroke Association. Organised by RAD Magazine Foundation, this is the fourth year the event has taken place and it grows more popular every year with the event raising over £6,000 for the chosen charity.

Pictured are the non-golfers group with MRI Development Manager, Steve Rumble, pictured top left and Operations Manager, Nigel Payne, bottom right.

RAD Mag Golf 2015

Shielding is designed for new breed of PETMR scanners

Radiation shielding provider Envirotect Limited has developed an integrated system that is expected to provide a solution for radiofrequency interference and ionising radiation emittance from the latest PETMR scanners.

“The move toward PETMR is an exciting technological breakthrough in diagnostic imaging which combines 3.0T MRI and molecular imaging, allowing simultaneous MR and PET in clinical use, thereby producing a comprehensive diagnostic image in one scan,” states Envirotect.

One of the company’s challenges has been to produce an integrated shielded door system and observation window that can provide patient and operator safety against ionising radiation shielding will still providing the necessary RF shielding for the Faraday cage to enable clear imaging without artefacts or interference. The benefit of this is to only have one door set and observation window with combined shielding capabilities.

Envirotect’s shielding products are compatible with all major magnet vendors. Managing director Niven Smith said: “This will complement our range of standard shielding products and give us a stronger standing in the marketplace.”

Envirotect manufactures and supplied products such as lead lined door sets, x-ray screens, observation windows, lead vinyl and lead glass as well as RF cages and steel shielding for MRI scanners.

Editorial printed in the September issue of Rad Magazine.

Siemens Biograph MMR image provided courtesy of Siemens Healthcare.

Envirotect Siemens Biograph MMR

Rad Magazine final look at UKRC 2015...

Have you seen our photograph in this months RAD magazine?  Our Envirotect team is photographed with Malenda Matthews (far right) from Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital at UKRC 2015.


RAD Mag Photograph Envirotect UKRC 2015.pdf

Have you liked our Facebook page?

Envirotect are now on Facebook…please like our page to find out more information regarding our products!


Facebook Logo

UKRC 2015

As the saying goes ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ and this has certainly been the case for MRI development manager, Steve Rumble. Who would believe that this time last year Envirotect launched a range of RF shielding for MRI at UKRC.

After the success of UKRC 2014 Envirotect returned to exhibit at this year’s event which was held at ACC Liverpool.

UKRC is an excellent opportunity for the Envirotect team to engage with delegates and talk through new projects directly.  

Envirotect are looking forward to exhibiting at UKRC next year. The event will be held on June 6-8 2016 at ACC Liverpool.

UKRC Envirotect ACC Liverpool 2015

Only 5 days to go...UKRC 2015

Envirotect UKRC Advert Rad Mag1

Lightweight cage is swift to assemble

Envirotect reports a positive reception to its UK manufactured copper radio frequency cage for shielding MRI, saying: “Feedback has praised the time to manufacture a cage following a site survey and the well-programmed installation schedule.  The lightweight cage design enables a swift assembly.”

Envirotect says it is the only copper RF shield manufacturer in the UK that is member accredited and able to display the Made in Britain marque.

Managing director Niven Smith is passionate about UK manufacturing and whenever possible materials and suppliers originating in the UK are used, enabling faster manufacture and delivery.

“A growing demand for PETMR makes the appointment of a single shielding manufacturer and installer a practical and integrated solution,” states Envirotect.  “To combine the radiation and radio frequency shielding during the initial design stages requires extensive understanding and experience of both types of shielding.”

Editorial printed in the June issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Copper RF Cage Made In Britain

Saudi Health 2015

Our managing director, Niven Smith was accompanied by our MRI development manager, Steve Rumble for another successful year exhibiting on the UK Pavilion at Saudi Health.

This was Envirotect’s third year exhibiting at Saudi Health and their second year as part of a UK delegation organised by Medilink.

Due to Envirotect’s perseverance the company name is now recognised within the Kingdom and the exhibition was an ideal opportunity to talk through requirements directly with key members of staff from the Saudi Arabian healthcare industry.

Pictured are Envirotect managing director, Niven Smith with the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis and MRI development manager, Steve Rumble.

Saudi Health Envirotect 2015

SRP Annual Conference

Over 300 delegates attended the SRP Annual Conference which was held in Eastbourne from 19th – 21st May. Envirotect had the pleasure of welcoming delegates to their exhibition stand throughout the three day event.  

Envirotect would like to thank The SRP team for keeping us entertained throughout the event. With The SRP Bake Off taking place during the tea break on Wednesday and The Annual Dinner later that evening followed by entertainment from an amazing local band, The Vibes, who succeeded in getting most of the guests to take to the dance floor including the Envirotect team…

A great time was had by all!

SRP Bake Off 1
SRP Bake Off 2

Height restriction challenge is met with a specially designed shielding solution

Envirotect, in association with John Caunt Scientific, has installed 200mm thickness boron polyethylene to the ceiling area of a radiotherapy room at Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

Shielding was required to allow the safe use of a Varian Medical Systems linear accelerator.

The installation was particularly challenging due to the height restriction in the room.  Envirotect’s Nigel Payne developed a unique method of securing the shielding material close to the soffit to leave the required head room for the services and ceiling finish.  The construction technique allowed for sufficient structural support to ensure that the services and ceiling finish could be suspended below the shielding.  

The hospital needed to remain fully functional and close liaison between Envirotect’s site manager and clinical staff was vital to ensure minimum disruption.

Managing director Niven Smith said: “The installation was a credit to all involved as the logistics of delivering, unloading and distributing 8 tonnes of shielding material outside normal working hours had to be planned carefully so as not to impact on day-to-day operation of the hospital.”

Envirotect also supplies bespoke shielded doors that can be manufactured to suit any size of opening and designed specifically to customer requirements.

Editorial printed in the May issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Radiotherapy Kent and Canterbury

architects datafile - Healthcare design & build

Our latest editorial published in the April issue of architects datafile – Healthcare design & build supplement.

adf editorial April 20153

The Society of Radiological Protection

Envirotect is an Affiliate Member of the Society for Radiological Protection.

We will be exhibiting at the SRP Annual Conference which will be held in Eastbourne 19th – 21st May 2015.  Please visit us at stand number 33.

SRP Affiliate Logo1

Envirotect Launch New Shielding For MRI Scanners

Have you seen our latest editorial?

BMI Bath MRI Envirotect 02

ECR 2015

Earlier this month Steve Rumble, our MRI development manager attended ECR in Vienna to spread the word regarding our latest product release of RF shielding. Steve managed to speak with a number of companies regarding our RF cages for MRI facilities and stated that “all in all it was a very positive trip”.

ECR Logo1

Sealed finish meets infection control requirements at King's cardiac cath lab

Managing director of Envirotect Limited Niven Smith has congratulated everyone involved in the successful installation of radiation shielding at a new facility at King’s College Hospital, London. The works were carried out on behalf of main contractor Neilcott Construction.

During the installation Envirotect encountered a number of challenges. In addition to the radiation shielding to the doors and windows, the frames and door components required encapsulating with high quality plastic. This provides a sealed finish to meet stringent infection control requirements that are necessary for the procedures carried out in the cardiac catheter lab.

Envirotect also manufactured a bespoke ‘speak transmission’ window for easy communication between staff and patients. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Editorial printed in the March issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Cardiac Cath Lab Kings College Hospital

Prior manufacture of compounds allow installation of first RF cage to tight schedule

Working on behalf of Avenue Building Company, Envirotect has completed its first RF cage installation with magnetic steel shielding at BMI Bath Clinic in Somerset.

The complex design involved magnetic steel shielding around two cross beams in the ceiling prior to installation of the RF cage.  Framework for the cage was manufactured in panels at Envirotect’s premises in Leighton Buzzard, transported to the site and moved into position where small adjustments were made before final installation.  Manufacturing the panels, windows and doors in advance saved time on sight during the tight build schedule.

Envirotect says the successful installation was due to the fact that it visits a site at least once to verify conditions and dimensions, which helps with the accurate manufacture of a custom room.  If required a further visit is arranged four or five days prior to installation to ensure that the site is ready and that there have been no major changes.

Avenue and Envirotect are set to work together on a future project.

Editorial printed in the February issue of Rad Magazine.

BMI Bath MRI Envirotect 021

Customer discussions help to evolve range of shielding cabinets

Envirotect says it has listened to its customers for the development of a range of radiation shielding cabinets. “These are used by our clients for a diverse range of applications such as mobile cases for demonstrating dental x-ray equipment, university research testing cabinets and lockable secure storage units,” explained managing director Niven Smith.

The company has gained an in-depth understanding of how radiation scatter behaves in relatively small and confined spaces, knowledge that is invaluable when constructing the units to ensure there is no leakage or ‘hot spots’ at junctions, door and window surrounds or lock positions.

Each design has evolved from close discussions with customers to produce a product that is manufactured to exacting briefs. They are hand crafted by a team of experienced craftsmen at the Leighton Buzzard factory.

Envirotect is now a committed member of the Made in Britain campaign.

Editorial printed in the February issue of Rad Magazine.

Envirotect Cabinet2

Envirotect are proud to be British!

Envirotect have recently become members of Made in Britain and will be introducing the official marque on all of our Radiation and RF shielding products.

The marque has been introduced to help customers identify British made products and to help support and promote British manufacturing in the UK and overseas.

Britain is perhaps not the easiest and certainly not the cheapest location to manufacture, but what we do have is fantastic craftsmanship, expertise, experience and an established and reliable supply chain, which is respected across the world.

The campaign was originally started by Stoves to celebrate British manufacturing the management of which has since been handed over to a committee made up of MDs and CEOs of UK manufacturing companies as well as other supporters of British manufacturing.  Together they have formed a not-for-profit company called Made in Great Britain Campaign Limited.

made in britain1