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Case Studies

Dental Surgery, Birmingham

Glass Screen

Envirotect was asked to install a fully bespoke lead glass panel to form a radiation protective screen at a dental surgery.

With a thickness of 22mm and code 3 lead the glass panel was extremely heavy therefore great care and attention was required to ensure that the screen did not receive any damage or scratches during installation.

The finished project gave a crisp finish to the newly refurbished dental surgery.

BMI Bath Clinic, Somerset

MRI Scanner Room

Working with Avenue Building Company, Envirotect have successfully completed their first RF cage installation with magnetic steel shielding.

The complex design involved magnetic steel shielding around two cross beams in the soffit prior to the installation of the RF cage.

A site survey was arranged in advance to verify site conditions and take measurements to accurately manufacture a customised room.

The timber framed copper clad panels are manufactured at their premises in Leighton Buzzard to suit the site dimensions.

A further visit with the Site Manager was arranged 4 to 5 days prior to the installation start date to ensure that the site was ready and that there had been no major changes.

Panels were then transported to the site and moved into position where any small adjustments were made before final installation.

As part of the complete RF Cage package an RF Door and RF Window were included.

To meet the magnet vendor RF testing specifications Envirotect conduct an RF test after the initial installation phase and then a further test after the magnet has been delivered.

Manufacturing the panels, windows and doors in advance saved valuable time on site during this tight new build schedule.

Communication between all parties involved was the key to success.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire

CT Scanner Room

Working on behalf of Canute, Envirotect’s contract involved the complete room shielding including walls, soffit, door sets and an observation window.

The soffit was shielded with lead plywood and the walls with lead plasterboard to provide a shielded envelope for the room.

Door sets were manufactured to match the hospital’s scheme of steamed beech doors and painted frames which are being rolled out across the department.

Envirotect also supplied and fitted the ironmongery.

The installation of a large lead glass observation window in the control room will give clear views of the CT scanner and patients for radiographers.



Princess Royal University Hospital, London

Control Room

Envirotect have been chosen to supply a new control room at the Princess Royal University Hospital in London.

Our project comprised of the design, fabrication and installation of a demountable control room.

A timber frame was constructed in the corner area in preparation for the application of shielding.

Onto this frame, Envirotect’s lead-lined MDF laminate panels were added for shielding as were lead fillets to prevent leakage of radiation at the corners and joints.

The project was completed by the addition of a radiation shielded sliding door and a panel of lead glass to shield the observation window.

Inside a work surface was installed.

The finished project was a fully shielded observation area made to measure for the customers’ requirements.



Astra Zeneca

Research Facility

Another of our contracts came when Astra Zeneca approached Envirotect to provide radiation shielding to one of their research facilities.

Plywood was applied to the steel wall onto which the lead lining was added using chevron rails.

With the lead added, vertical beams were attached and plasterboard mounted to provide a finish and disguise the shielding.

Great care is taken with the detailing to ensure that no radiation leakage can penetrate the shielding.

St. James Hospital, Malta

PET CT Scanner Suite

An overseas project was awarded to Envirotect to provide protective radiation shielding to an entire PET CT scanner suite for St. James Hospital in Malta.

Envirotect was tasked with providing shielding for both the entire perimeter of the department as well as the internal walls.

With lead thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm-3.0mm the walls were shielded to the specification of the both the customer and Siemens, the PET CT scanner manufacturer.

A total of ten different doors were designed and tailor made for the customer including three sliding doors. The doors were manufactured in the UK and then shipped and installed on-site.

Envirotect also designed an 8mm lead lined stainless steel transfer hatch for easy transfer of radioactive materials between the preparation lab and injection room.

Envirotect were able to meet St. James Hospital’s highly specialised and specific requirements whilst providing radiation shielding to the whole department.

London Heathrow Airport

Non-destructive testing (NDT) Room

A quite different challenge for Envirotect was the construction of a self-contained x-ray room for inspection of aeroplane components at Heathrow airport.

As one of our industrial contracts the task entailed building a self-contained unit within an existing hanger with complete radiation shielding surrounding the unit. The room was purpose built to the customer’s specifications so that components could be inspected by x-ray.

A frame of the unit was constructed from steel and the perimeter was lined with plywood ready for shielding.

The room was then shielded by affixing lead panels and included lead joint fillets to guard against radiation leakage at the joints and corners. With the room fully shielded it was ready for finishing.

With the finish applied and fully shielded sliding doors installed the unit was complete and ready for use.

Linton House Imaging Centre, Cheltenham

PET Scanner Suite

Working for the main contractor, E W Beard, Envirotect were contracted to undertake all the shielding works required for this prestigious new scanner unit.

The structural shielding for the PET scanner entailed the installation of 8mm and 10mm lead to all walls and soffits to the scanner room, corridor, storage room and three injection rooms. The shielding to the ceiling was designed as a suspended system so that a multitude of services above could be installed without penetrating the lead but would allow access for maintenance whenever required.

The contract also encompassed the supply of the 20mm ‘lead equivalent’ observation window and all the shielded and non-shielded doors within the department.

Envirotect also undertook the shielding for an x-ray room on the first floor which included wall shielding, door set and operators screen.

King’s College, London

New Dental Institute

This project involved the manufacture and installation of the new x-ray screening cubicles for the King’s College School of Dental Institute.

Envirotect were commissioned to survey, design and install all the radiation shielding which included x-ray screens and door sets.

Each x-ray booth was supplied with a lead glass viewing window and sliding door.

The work led to further contracts within the department forging a good ongoing working relationship.

Kettering General Hospital, Northamptonshire

New Cardiac Catheterisation Procedures Unit

Following on from the success of Barnsley Hospital, Envirotect were again commissioned by Simons Construction to supply the shielded joinery package for Kettering General Hospital.

The new build project involved the manufacture and installation of steamed beech door sets and observation windows for the new cardiac catheterisation procedures unit.

As well as the joinery package Envirotect Limited also supplied the lead lined plasterboards direct to the dry lining contractor to undertake the required wall shielding.

St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds

Shielding to Brachytherapy Department

Envirotect were recently employed by Bovis Construction to install the lead shielding to the Brachytherapy Department at the new oncology wing sited at St. James’s University Hospital in Leeds.

The contract was awarded for the design and installation of the structural rooms as well as almost 200 tonnes of lead chevron blocks to shield the walls ranging in thickness from 15-50mm.

The most challenging task was to design and install six powered door sets each incorporating 15mm of lead.

The doors had to be hinged to match the other doors within their location which entailed fabricating special hinges and low deflection frames to take the 450kg loads.

Envirotect also supplied around a thousand sheets of lead lined plasterboard to the dry lining contractor for the general x-ray, CT rooms and operating theatres.