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RF Cage

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic imaging system that uses a magnetic field in conjunction with radio waves to produce high quality images particularly of soft tissue.  There are two types of MRI scanners, these can be classed as either open magnet or closed magnet.

A specially controlled environment needs to be created to ensure the magnet functions as designed.

This is achieved by forming an electrically sealed six sided RF cage consisting of floor, ceiling, walls, control window and entrance door.

Envirotect RF Cage Installation 4
Envirotect RF Cage Installation 2

Our cage is produced from pure electrically deposited copper fixed to a modular timber frame to ensure stability and will be designed, manufactured and installed under strict quality control measures.

All of our cages are manufactured to suit the individual site requirement.  Framework for the cage is manufactured in panels at our premises and then transported to site where they are installed by trained personnel.

Electrical cables, medical gas pipes and other supplies are routed out of sight in the wall cavities.  Penetrations for services are shielded or fitted with filters to prevent leakage.

Our RF floor is constructed by first laying down an isolation layer of bitumen felt, dpm or similar material that has isolating properties, next is a layer of MDF as a base to lay wide strips of copper which is soldered together to form one seamless surface.  Once the wall and ceiling panels have been installed a layer of tongue and groove chipboard covers the copper floor.

Acoustic insulation is installed into the cavity of the RF copper wall panels with a further layer on top of the RF ceiling panels.

Wall panels have timber furring’s fitted at 600mm centres to form a cavity for first fit electrics and medical gas pipework, the contractor will then install their finishes.

Envirotect’s RF doors are designed to provide reliable, low maintenance service for use in the most demanding MRI facilities.  Our door meets the required RF attenuation specification and is finished in a high-pressure laminate finish.  Doors come in a standard 1200mm wide leaf (900mm wide leaf available on request).

Our RF control window is made from an aluminium frame and contains a thin layer of blackened copper mesh with a double layer of safety glass providing clear visibility.

RF Cage

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