Door Sets

Envirotect lead lined door sets are purpose made to the customers requirement. Doors are available in almost any finish and can match existing doors or non-lead doors in ‘new build’ projects. We can even supply your complete door package including both lead and non-lead door sets.

Envirotect lead lined door sets incorporate a lead core that runs through the frame, architraves and door leaves providing complete protection and ‘peace of mind’.

1.5 Lead Lined door
1.5 Lead Lined door
Double lead door
Double lead door


  • General X-Ray Departments
  • CT & PET Scanners
  • Angio Departments
  • Nuclear Medicine (Gamma Camera)
  • Dental & Veterinary X-Ray
  • Shielded Theatres (real time x-ray)
  • Theatres
  • Industrial & NDT 

Special Application Doors – click here for more information

Door fitted to frame
Door fitted to frame

Door Protection

The RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor) is responsible for advising the lead content for radiation shielding. The RPA will normally prepare a report outlining the shielding requirements for each element of a room such as the walls, doors windows, operator screens etc.

The majority of doors will incorporate 2mm lead but this may vary depending on the machine output, proximity and patient through-put. For example, doors for dental and veterinary use could be as low as 1mm lead, whilst a door for a CT Scanner could be 2.5mm lead and PET CT could be 3.5mm lead.

Although it’s common practice for the RPA to advise the lead content in increments of half millimetres, the lead used will be standard ‘coded’ lead. (See table)

RPA RequirementCoded Lead Used
1.0mmCode 3 (1.32mm)
1.5mmCode 4 (1.80mm)
2.0mmCode 5 (2.24mm)
2.5mmCode 6 (2.65mm)
3.0mmCode 7 (3.15mm)

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