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X-rays play a crucial role in chiropractic care by aiding in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal disorders.  It is important to carefully consider the benefits of x-rays in conjunction with the potential risks of radiation exposure for both patients and the medical team.  Our extensive range of radiation shielding products are designed to reduce the risk of exposure when using x-ray equipment.

Walls, Ceilings & Partitions – High-pressure bonded lead lined panels offer comprehensive protection against radiation exposure for both staff and patients.  The shielded panels are available in plasterboard, plywood or MDF.

Lead Glass – Lead glass provides optimum x-ray protection for various medical uses. We hold a good stock of standard lead glass sizes and can accommodate custom orders.

Door Sets – Lead lined door sets are bespoke and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Door Upgrades – This cost-effective option allows you to upgrade existing doors with lead (also known as door skins).

Screens – Shielded x-ray screens are available as fixed or mobile and are designed with a wipe clean plastic laminate finish which is available in a variety of colours.  Lead glass vision panels provide a clear view of procedures whilst protecting against exposure to radiation.

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