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X-rays are an integral part of chiropractic and can help with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders to the neuromusculoskeletal system. The benefits of x-ray however, must always be weighed against the risk of exposure to radiation for both the patient and the medical team. Our extensive range of radiation shielding products can help to reduce the risk of exposure to radiation whilst using the x-ray equipment.

Walls & Partitions – Bonded lead to plywood or plasterboard to produce panelling for radiation shielding. Boards can be supplied unfinished, veneered or with a wipe clean laminate surface.

Lead Glass – This special glass stops the path of x-rays and can be used as vision panels in both doors and mobile screens.

Door Sets – Our lead lined door sets incorporate a lead core throughout the frame, doors, stops and architraves. Doors can be supplied primed, veneered or with a wipe clean laminate. Vision panels can be incorporated as required.

Door Upgrades – This cost effective option allows you to upgrade existing doors with lead (also known as door skins).

Mobile Screens – Screens are finished in a wipe clean laminate which is available in a number of colour choices. Shielding is achieved via a lead core to the panels and lead glass vision panel.

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