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Filters & Waveguides

Envirotect can offer a range of filters and waveguides.

A/C Waveguides

Our air conditioning waveguides are designed to allow air to enter and leave the cage through a suitable filter.  These come in standard sizes of:

300 x 300mm
450 x 450 mm
600 x 300 mm
600 x 600mm

Non-standard sizes are available on request.

A timber collar is installed on the RF panel for connection of the contractor’s duct work to prevent the cage from grounding issues.

These waveguides have been independently tested for airflow.

Filters & Waveguides

Medical Gas Waveguides

Our medical gas waveguides are constructed of a copper pipe with a dielectric isolator to prevent grounding.

Filters & Waveguides

They are pressure tested at a minimum of 150psi for at least 2 hours.

These come in standard sizes of 15mm and 22mm diameter.

Each one has its internal bore cleaned and has a bung inserted into each end to keep them clean until connection by Medgas Contractor.

Electrical Filters

Our standard electrical filters are 32amp single line tubular feed-through filter and are always required in pairs. 

The filters are mounted on a brass plate in various configurations; the assembly is then mounted inside a poly carbonate enclosure for electrical safety and finally mounted onto the outside of the RF Cage.

Other power ratings and configurations are available upon request and can be supplied without a brass plate.

Filters & Waveguides

Open Waveguides

Our standard open waveguides are brass threaded pipe complete with two nuts to fix to the RF cage.  These come in a standard size of 200m length by 50mm diameter.

Filters & Waveguides

General Rule of Thumb:

For circular waveguides, make sure the waveguide length is at least four times the diameter.

Non-standard lengths and sizes are available upon request.

Magnet Penetration Panels and Quench Waveguides

These are manufactured to suit the magnet vendor’s specific requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us now for further information.