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Our lead glass provides optimum protection against x-rays in both medical and industrial applications.

The lead oxide content is more than 65 percent by weight and a relatively thin sheet of glass can achieve the density necessary to shield against ionising radiation.

Lead glass meets the requirements of International Standard IEC 61331-2:2014.

Lead glass in production
Lead glass in production
Typical Lead glass products:
  • Plate glass for x-ray screens, windows etc.
  • Polished vials for shielded syringes.
  • Windows for glove boxes.
  • Vision panels for lead lined doors.
Plate glass

We hold a good stock of plate glass. The table below shows the maximum sizes available. Lead glass can also be cut to size to suit your requirements or you can choose from a stock size or one of our many off-cuts.

Stock sizes for doors etc.

Lead equivalence @ 150kVDimensionsThickness
1.80mm pb200 x 2005-6.5mm
2.24mm pb200 x 2005-6.5mm
1.80mm pb200 x 3005-6.5mm
2.24mm pb200 x 3007-8.5mm
1.80mm pb300 x 3005-6.5mm
2.24mm pb300 x 3007-8.5mm
1.80mm pb300 x 4005-6.5mm
2.24mm pb300 x 4007-8.5mm
1.80mm pb150 x 7505-6.5mm

Please contact us now to discuss your lead glass requirements.