Fluoroscopy (Barium meal x-ray) Room

This investigation is used to examine certain organs such as the stomach, intestine, and bowel. The patient is given a berium meal (dye) which is detected by the x-ray machine to produce digital images.

Shielding for fluoroscopy is generally around 2mm lead. The Radiation Protection Advisor for the hospital is responsible for advising the actual shielding required and this will depend on a multitude of factors.



Lead plasterboard

Forms a complete shielded envelope to the room. The shielding usually extends to the full structural height of the room.


1.5 Lead Lined Door

A 1.5 leaf door set is usually used for patient entrance. This allows the passage of the patient trolley.

X Ray screen

Operator’s Screen

Shields the operator whilst taking the image. Many designs and finishes are available.