About Us

Envirotect is a family company established in 2000 and has steadily grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of structural radiation shielding and RF shielding to the healthcare, dental, veterinary, construction and industrial sectors.

Our ISO 9001 certification recognises our commitment to the manufacturing and installation of our radiation shielding products to the highest possible standards.

From our Head Office which is situated in the UK Envirotect operate throughout Europe and internationally.  All shielding products are manufactured at our UK factory and can be transported to anywhere in the world.

With a flexible approach to manufacturing and a skilled workforce, we can tailor our expertise to meet any requirements.  Working directly with our customers as a partner enables us to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Our specialist range of products provides everything that is required to shield facilities such as MRI, Radiotherapy, CT, PET scanners, general x-ray, gamma camera, angiography, brachytherapy, fluoroscopy, dental and veterinary including equine.

Working in one of the most heavily regulated industries requires a wealth of knowledge and support to meet the ever changing requirements.

We consider our staff to be our most important assets and therefore we strive to ensure they are trained in all aspects of health and safety to work on your site with confidence. 

With our team of experienced personnel we are always on hand to offer advice at any stage of a project so please do not hesitate to contact us.