Gamma camera (Nuclear medicine) Room

Patients are injected with a radioisotope which then travels around the body & organs. The camera detects the gamma rays given off by the isotope and converts the data into a digital image of the area concerned.

Shielding for Gamma camera’s can vary depending on the isotopes used etc. but is generally between 2.5 & 3.5mm. The Radiation Protection Advisor for the hospital is responsible for advising the actual shielding required and this will depend on a multitude of factors.


Lead plasterboard

Forms a complete shielded envelope to the room. The shielding usually extends to the full structural height of the room.


1.5 Lead Lined Door

A 1.5 leaf door set is usually used for patient entrance. This allows the passage of the patient trolley.

X Ray screen1

Operator’s Screen

Shields the operator whilst taking the image. Many designs and finishes are available.