General X-ray Room

The general x-ray room is used for taking standard x-rays such as back, neck, chest, limb, hand or foot.  The patient may be lying down or standing during the procedure.

Shielding for a general x-ray room is typically 2mm lead. The Radiation Protection Advisor for the hospital is responsible for advising the actual shielding required and this will depend on a multitude of factors.

Typical shielding components for an x-ray room:



Lead plasterboard

Forms a complete shielded envelope to the room. The shielding usually extends to the full structural height of the room.


1.5 Lead Lined Door

A 1.5 leaf door set is usually used for patient entrance. This allows the passage of the patient trolley.

X Ray screen2

Operator’s Screen

Shields the operator whilst taking the image. Many designs and finishes are available.