Fire Rating

Door sets can be manufactured as fire rated or smoke sealed units.

  • NFR        – Non fire rated
  • FD30      – 30 minutes fire rated
  • FD30s    – 30 minutes fire rated and smoke resistant
  • FD60      – 60 minutes fire rated
  • FD60s    – 60 minutes fire rated and smoke resistant
Lead lined door set1

Fire rated door assemblies are manufactured using tested components to meet the requirements of BS476 and can incorporate up to 3.15mm (code 7) lead.

Copy of Kings College Dental screens 1061

Glazing to doors will incorporate both fire resistant glass (GWPP or other) as well as lead glass.


N.B. Sliding doors are not available as fire rated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our door set fire ratings.