Lead Lined Plasterboard


Lead lined plasterboard offers full x-ray protection to any diagnostic room.

Stud Walls

Our Lead Lined Plasterboards are purpose-made to the highest possible standards and comply with specific requirements for use in radiation protection.

Boards can be applied to a proprietary metal stud system or timber stud walls.

Jointing fillets are used to seal the radiation path where the boards abut at the joints. Fillets can be used up to code 5 (2.24mm) thick lead.

Lead Plasterboard attached to metal stud
Lead Plasterboard attached to metal stud

Brick & Block Walls

50mm wide leaded battens are fixed to the walls at 600mm centres. The Lead plasterboard is then applied direct to the battens with normal drywall screws. The leaded battens also provide shielding at the joints.

Rolls of lead.
Rolls of lead.

Jointing fillets are available in 6 metre rolls.

Code 3 (1.32mm) 
Code 4 (1.8mm) 
Code 5 (2.24mm)

Stud infills for brick walls.
Stud infills for brick walls.

26mm lead battens for stud infills. Code 6 & 7.

50mm lead battens for fixing direct to brick or block walls.

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