An increased requirement for diagnostic imaging drives demand for MRI shielding systems

Envirotect states that the increased demand for diagnostic MRI scanners in the healthcare industry has resulted in a number of requirements for its copper radiofrequency cages and magnetic interference steel shielding protection.

Envirotect manufactures the copper MRI shielding system at their premises in Leighton Buzzard.  The company says it will visit an installation site at least once to verify conditions and dimensions, which helps with the accurate manufacture of a custom room.  Components are transported to site and moved into position where any small adjustments will be made prior to the final installation.  Manufacturing the panels, windows and doors in advance saves valuable time on site.

A recently-introduced range of MR patient transfer equipment includes MR-safe transfer trolley and MR-safe folding wheelchairs, which are completely ferrous-free, CE marked and safe to use in all MRI facilities including 7 Tesla.

Also available is a range of radiation shielding products including lead lined panelling, door sets, screens, observation windows, cabinets, lead glass and lead vinyl. 

Editorial printed in the September issue of Rad Magazine.