Brightening the interior of healthcare

Envirotect Limited, based in Bedfordshire, has designed, manufactured and installed high specification bespoke lead lined doors specifically suited for use within healthcare environments throughout the UK and overseas. Constantly investing in product development, our skilled staff are both highly motivated and trained to offer consistently top quality products. With an established client base each order is bespoke in terms of manufactured size, fixtures, fittings and colour. Envirotect door sets are incredibly durable and very easy to wipe clean which is of particular importance given the settings that the doors are installed.

Doors are available in a range of finishes and colours allowing hospitals and health centres to brighten the interior and enable certain areas to be zoned, according to the colour of the doors. Envirotect can match existing door finishes and manufacture non-lead doors to ensure consistency within a department. Envirotect lead lined door sets incorporate a lead core that runs through the frame, architraves and door leaves providing continuity of protection and therefore complete ‘peace of mind’.

Article printed in the May edition of adf architects datafile