Central London location presents challenges for RF cage installation

Envirotect has overcome a series of challenges during the installation of four radiofrequency cages at a central London location, where deliveries had to be carefully timed to ensure minimal disruption to the adjacent working hospital and surrounding businesses.  Planning was essential since all materials had to be unloaded by hand and moved through the hospital.  Prearranged routes were determined to keep inconvenience to a minimum.

Work started at the beginning of the pandemic and, with the UK in full lockdown, Envirotect followed guidance based on the information issued by the Government, WHO and Public Health England so that procedures were in place to ensure the safety of all staff involved in the design, manufacture and installation of the copper RF cages.

Managing director Niven Smith said “Working on this project was interesting and challenging for a number of reasons. Our involvement started in July 2017 when we were initially approached for an estimate.  The project was part of a major upgrade taking place in a grade II listed building, which led to delays with planning.   A start date was finally agreed and then news of the COVID-19 outbreak hit.  After numerous conversations with the contractor we took the decision to proceed with the works as originally planned. 

“The project was a challenge in itself with the central London location but to manufacture and install four cages with reduced staff due to the pandemic only added to the challenge”

Envirotect’s range of radiation and RF shielding products includes lead-lined plasterboards or plywood, door sets, x-ray screens, observation windows, cabinets, lead glass, lead vinyl, RF cages and services including RF tests and door maintenance.