Construction of lead-shielded cabinets ensures no hot spots

Envirotect designs and manufactures lead shielded cabinets for use in a variety of industries including, scientific research, medical facilities and laboratories.

All cabinets provide complete radiation protection and easy access.  Envirotect says it calls on its in-depth understanding of how radiation scatter behaves in relatively confined spaces when constructing the units, to ensure there is no leakage of ‘hot spots’ at junctions, door and window surrounds or lock position.

Each design has evolved from discussions with customers to produce a product manufactured to individual requirements.

A range of standard cabinets is available with features including lead glass inspection window, pull handles and cable mazes.

Envirotect offers a range of radiation and RF shielding products including lead-lined panels, door sets, observation windows, x-ray screens, lead glass, lead vinyl and RF Cages with associated products for MRI.