Customer discussions help to evolve range of shielding cabinets

Envirotect says it has listened to its customers for the development of a range of radiation shielding cabinets. “These are used by our clients for a diverse range of applications such as mobile cases for demonstrating dental x-ray equipment, university research testing cabinets and lockable secure storage units,” explained managing director Niven Smith.

The company has gained an in-depth understanding of how radiation scatter behaves in relatively small and confined spaces, knowledge that is invaluable when constructing the units to ensure there is no leakage or ‘hot spots’ at junctions, door and window surrounds or lock positions.

Each design has evolved from close discussions with customers to produce a product that is manufactured to exacting briefs. They are hand crafted by a team of experienced craftsmen at the Leighton Buzzard factory.

Envirotect is now a committed member of the Made in Britain campaign.

Editorial printed in the February issue of Rad Magazine.