Demand grows for efficient and sustainable MRI lighting

Envirotect reports an increase in demand for its enviro-Bright MRI compatible LED lighting system.  The energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED light panels come wired and ready for mounting by a suitably qualified electrician.  Panels are lightweight, fit into a standard 600 x 600mm ceiling frame and are unaffected by the strong magnetic fields created by MR scanners, so are suitable for imaging suites. 

Managing director Niven Smith said: “The production of fluorescent lighting is due to be phased out in the UK during 2023 as a result of changes to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, so it is an ideal time to make the switch with our modern, sustainable and cost-effective enviro-Bright MRI compatible LED lighting system.  LED lights waste significantly less energy than standard forms of lighting.”

With a long lifespan, the enviro-Bright lighting system is said to create a comfortable atmosphere and optimum visibility for staff and patients.

The system is supplied as a package and comes with emergency backup located in the backup panels.  All enviro-Bright MRI lighting systems include fitting instructions, a wiring diagram and emergency luminaire installation and maintenance record.