Envirotect extend MR product range

Envirotect Limited has extended their range of MR products.  In addition to its copper RF shielded cage, Envirotect offers a range of filters and waveguides which come in standard sizes with other sizes available upon request.  Air conditioning waveguides are designed to allow air to enter and leave the cage through a suitable filter.  Medical gas waveguides are constructed of a copper pipe with a dielectric isolator to prevent grounding.  Each medical gas waveguide is pressure tested at a minimum of 150psi for at least two hours.   Standard electrical filters are 25amp single line tubular feed-through filters and are required in pairs.  Open waveguides are brass threaded pipe complete with two nuts to fix to the RF cage. 

Envirotect can arrange independent testing services including RF attenuation, EMI survey, vibration survey and magnetic steel shielding calculations.  If magnetic steel shielding is required, the company can supply and install to the magnet vendors specification. 

Envirotect can carry out annual inspections, servicing and repairs on manual ETS-Lingren RF doors, in addition to its own products.  Finger and gasket type doors require regular professional cleaning and lubrication to ensure maximum service life and correct operation, says Envirotect.  Periodically the RF fingers or the gasket will require replacing to maintain the best shielding performance and the company can now replace parts on a range of doors. 

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