Envirotect to share latest designs at UKIO

Envirotect has been providing shielding solutions for the medical, veterinary, dental and security markets for more than 20 years.  The product portfolio has evolved over the years and it was at UKIO that the company launched its range of RF shielding for MRI, which complemented an already successful line of lead shielding products.  The knowledgeable team will meet delegates this year to discuss their radiation and RF shielding requirements.  Having recently re-evaluated its processes and increased the focus on in-house design and manufacturing, Envirotect is currently developing a range of products, from design concept to completion, and plans to have protypes on display at UKIO.

The range features radiation and RF shielding products including lead-lined panels, door sets, x-ray screens, observation windows, lead cabinets, lead glass, lead vinyl and RF cages, with associated products including RF tests, RF door maintenance, magnetic steel shielding and enviro-Bright MRI compatible LED lighting systems.