Face-to-face meeting provides the ideal chance to share additions to Envirotect’s RF catalogue

After two years of the UKIO being fully online due to the COVID-19 pandemic Envirotect is looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s event.  It provides an opportunity for the team to engage with delegates and talk through new projects.  Envirotect’s project portfolio has increased over the years and it was at UKIO that it launched its range of RF shielding for MRI, which complemented an already successful line of lead shielding products.

Since the launch of their copper radio frequency cages, Envirotect has added a number of RF products to the portfolio including magnetic steel shielding calculations, enviro-Steel magnetic shielding, enviro-Bright MRI compatible lighting systems, annual RF door services, RF testing including RF attenuation test, EMI test, vibration surveys, RF filters and waveguides.

Managing director Niven Smith said: “We are looking forward to exhibiting at UKIO as it is a great opportunity to meet delegates face to face and discuss current and new projects.”