Felt the Earth move this morning?

It was an exciting day at Envirotect on Tuesday when Leighton Buzzard was hit by an earthquake for the first time ever.

The British Geological Survey confirms the town was the epicentre of the earthquake. 

Residents in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire all reported feeling the 3.3 magnitude earthquake at around 09:45.

Staff reported that they felt the whole office shake from “side to side” during the quake.  Initial thoughts were to look outside to see if a lorry had crashed into the property.  Janine Smith stated “The whole office shook and then a loud bang was heard, we checked the outside of our property and could not see any damage so our thoughts quickly turned to the workshop.  Had a pallet of lead been dropped or the mezzanine floor come crashing down?”  An inspection of the whole building showed that it was still intact and a quick search on the internet confirmed that an earthquake had struck the area.    

Bedfordshire Police said the force was taking a large number of calls from the public but no injuries or major structural damage has been reported.