Growing demand for shielding products leads to appointment of dedicated estimator

Increasing demand for shielding and protection products has led Envirotect to increase its workforce.  To meet demand for both RF and radiation shielding inquiries the company has recruited a dedicated estimator.  Shane Greenwood has been appointed to work alongside managing director Niven Smith and operations manager Nigel Payne.  Greenwood has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience gained while working in the construction industry for over 20 years.

Managing director Niven Smith said: “Since the pandemic we have seen an increased demand for our shielding products. With more inquiries and a higher volume of orders Nigel’s role has evolved and he is now stepping back from estimating to concentrate on production. This opened up a new position for an estimator, and we are pleased to welcome Shane to the team”. 

Envirotect offers a range of radiation and RF shielding products including lead lined panelling, door sets, screens, observation windows, cabinets, lead glass, lead vinyl and RF cages for MRI.