High specification RF shielding meets growing use of MRI

The advance in prostate cancer detection by MRI scanning reduces the number of patients requiring invasive biopsies to one in four men. According to Envirotect, this highlights the need for a reliable, high specification RF shielding system to provide the scanner with the environment required to allow the equipment to function to its maximum potential.

Envirotect manufactures a copper RF shielding system, which it says is widely recognised as the industry’s preferred ‘cage’ type.  The company will soon be adding a number of complementary products to their range with details of the first phase being released at UKRCO meeting.

Envirotect also manufactures and supplies an extensive range of radiation shielding products including specialist lead glass. Managing director Niven Smith says its preference is German glass Schott RD50, which conforms to the latest international standard IEC 61331-2:2014.  Also available is lead glass at coded thicknesses to save over specifying the thickness required and therefore the cost, with lead equivalences of 1.8mm, 2.24mm, 2.65mm and 3.15mm available. For higher powered scanners such as PETCT, Envirotect can carry out a specification matching against the radioactive tracer to ensure the correct glass is supplied. 

Editorial printed in the June issue of Rad Magazine.