A FOURTH tremor in just two weeks has hit Leighton Buzzard today as the earthquake rattled Envirotect’s office

Envirotect offices were hit by a 3.0 magnitude tremor this morning at around 09:30 before a 2.1 magnitude tremor struck at 13:39.

A low rumble was heard throughout the office as computers shook on the desks.  A quick check of the premises confirmed that the building was safe and no damage had been caused.

Thankfully the second tremor later in the afternoon went unnoticed.    

The tremors come just weeks after a 3.5 quake struck the premises on September 8.

Another tremor, which hit at 00:20 on Monday, September 14, was measured by the BGS at magnitude 2.1.

The latest tremor is said to have been around six miles deep and slightly to the north of the town, according to the BGS, who today said it was ‘too early’ to give a cause for the earthquake.

However, a spokesperson for the BGS said the organisation believes the quakes to be ‘naturally occurring’ and that the most recent tremors could be the ground ‘resettling’ after the first one earlier this month.

One expert has also suggested the Leighton Buzzard tremors were likely caused by the fracturing of solid rock in ‘hidden fault lines’, several hundred metres below the surface. 

The series of tremors in the town could be part of a ‘swarm’ of earthquakes, the BGS has stated.

If that is the case, it could be similar to a series of 34 earthquakes known as the ‘Surrey swarm’, which took place between April 2018 and May 2019.