Lightweight cage is swift to assemble

Envirotect reports a positive reception to its UK manufactured copper radio frequency cage for shielding MRI, saying: “Feedback has praised the time to manufacture a cage following a site survey and the well-programmed installation schedule.  The lightweight cage design enables a swift assembly.”

Envirotect says it is the only copper RF shield manufacturer in the UK that is member accredited and able to display the Made in Britain marque.

Managing director Niven Smith is passionate about UK manufacturing and whenever possible materials and suppliers originating in the UK are used, enabling faster manufacture and delivery.

“A growing demand for PETMR makes the appointment of a single shielding manufacturer and installer a practical and integrated solution,” states Envirotect.  “To combine the radiation and radio frequency shielding during the initial design stages requires extensive understanding and experience of both types of shielding.”

Editorial printed in the June issue of Rad Magazine.