Magnetic Protection For Guy’s MRI Scanners Is Squeezed Into Roof Void in Complex Installation

Works to install RF and magnetic shielding for two MRI scanners has been completed at Guy’s Hospital, London, a site that lies within the shadow of the Shard.  According to Envirotect, deliveries had to be carefully timed to avoid interference with the day-to-day operation of the hospital.  Small vehicles brought in the equipment rather than large lorries, due to the narrow, congested streets.

Planning was essential as all of the materials had to be unloaded by hand and moved through the hospital.  Prearranged routes were determined to ensure that the minimum inconvenience was caused to the working hospital.  Staff and patient safety was paramount while planning the routes.

Envirotect says the project was unusual as magnetic protection to the floors of both scanner rooms was required.  The shielding had to be installed to the ceiling below, as it could not be accommodated within the original rooms.  This proved to be a complex procedure as tonnes of steel had to be lifted and positioned into spaces within the ceiling void which were already crowded with pipework and services.

Since introducing RF cages for MRI to complement a range of radiation shielding products, Envirotect can now arrange for vibration surveys and magnetic gauss field shielding calculations to be carried out.

The company manufactures a range of bespoke radiation shielding products for CT, PET and general X-ray rooms, and made-to-measure radiation storage units and test cabinets.  It also offers neutron shielding for radiotherapy rooms.

Editorial printed in the June issue of Rad Magazine.