Modified equine stable doors provide radiation shielding

Earlier this year Envirotect Limited was involved in a project at The Veterinary Clinical Skills Centre at the University of Surrey, School of Veterinary Medicine.  

The project involved removing two sets of existing equine stable doors and converting them into x-ray shielded doors.  The doors were removed from site and modified at Envirotect’s workshop in Bedfordshire.  Skilled craftsmen dismantled the original doors and code 5 lead lining, 2.24mm L/E, was applied to both sets of doors.  Once complete Envirotect returned to site and installed code 5 lead lining to both door frames before re-fitting the doors to the new x-ray facility.
The VSC building was purpose-built to teach animal handling and examination.  Its innovative ‘flying saucer’ design incorporates a large central atrium where staff can set up equipment for teaching.  This central area is surrounded by a ring of stables which includes the new x-ray room, livestock pens and teaching rooms.