MRI compatible lighting panels are ready to mount

Designed and supplied by Envirotect, enviro-Bright® is an MRI compatible state-of-the-art LED lighting system for MRI illumination.  The system contains all the necessary components required for installation by a suitably qualified engineer.

The LED light panels are wired ready to mount and are unaffected by strong magnetic fields created by MRI scanners, so are suitable for imaging suites.  The panels are lightweight and fit into a standard 600mm x 600mm ceiling frame.  With improved efficiency and a long lifespan, the enviro-Bright® lighting system is said to create a comfortable atmosphere with optimum visibility for staff and patients.

The system is supplied as a package and comes with emergency back-up located in the control panels.  “These panels do not have to be located against the RF enclosure, which results in an easier installation,” the company states.

All enviro-Bright® MRI lighting systems include fitting instructions, a wiring diagram and emergency luminaire installation and maintenance record.

Enough RF filters are included in all Envirotect RF cage installations, although RF filters can be purchased individually if required.