RF Shielding company offer the best of British

Envirotect says that there has been continued demand for its radiation and RF Shielding products throughout the pandemic.  Managing director Niven Smith said: “With Brexit and the pandemic we have seen a renewed focus on British manufacturing, with an increase in people want to buy products made in Britain.

“Supporting British manufacturers means supporting the UK economy, which has never been so important.  The quality of British manufactured products is a great reminder of what a strong manufacturing heritage this country has to offer and this has only been highlighted further due to the pandemic.”

Envirotect says that wherever possible materials and suppliers originating in the UK are used, enabling faster manufacture and delivery.  Smith explained: “We have always had a great working relationship with all of our suppliers and during the pandemic we ensured that we kept in regular contact, planning production and ordering materials in advance so that work could continue without disruption.”

Joining a growing number of manufacturers, Envirotect became a member of Made in Britain.  The company says accreditation is a reflection of its commitment to manufacturing excellence.

Envirotect offers a range of radiation and RF shielding products including lead-lined panels, door sets, observation windows, x-ray screens, lead glass, cabinets, lead vinyl and RF cages with associated products for MRI.