RF Shielding equips veterinary centres scanning creatures great and small

Shielding company Envirotect has recently been involved with the installation of a copper RF shielded cage to house an MRI scanner at a veterinary referral hospital.  A specially controlled environment needed to be created to ensure the magnet functions as designed.  Envirotect achieved this by forming an electrically sealed six-sided copper RF cage consisting of floor, ceiling, walls, control window and entrance door. 

The client requested enviro-Bright MRI compatible LED lighting system designed and supplied by Envirotect.  It contains all the necessary components required for installation by a suitably qualified electrician.  LED light panels are wired ready to mount and are unaffected by the strong magnetic fields created by MRI scanners.

Envirotect have also been involved in the supply of structural radiation protection for CT scanner rooms at several veterinary practices across the UK.  One contract involved shielding the walls and ceilings with code 3 and code 5 lead-lined plywood and code 4 lead-lined plasterboards.  A code 4 lead lined x-ray screen was manufactured with a wipe clean plastic laminate finish.  Envirotect also manufactured a code 4 observation window for the control room, giving a clear view of the CT room and patients. 

Another contract involved complete room shielding including walls, ceilings, door sets and an observation window.  The client required all shielding to be code 5 with both the door sets, and observation windows manufactured with the same finish

Envirotect offers an extensive range of radiation shielding products and has been supplying the veterinary sector for many years.  The company can also manufacture large radiation shielded doors for equestrian facilities.