Shielding experts start work on one hundredth RF cage

Envirotect has secured an order for its 100th RF cage while celebrating another significant milestone; its 20th business anniversary.  Managing director Niven Smith said: I am thrilled by the fact that the company has reached its 20th anniversary and look forward to the coming year with real enthusiasm and huge optimism.”

The company says it is the only RF shield manufacturer in the UK that is member accredited and able to display the Made in Britain marque.  Wherever possible materials and suppliers originating in the UK are used, enabling faster manufacturing and delivery.

Since introducing RF shielding to the product portfolio Envirotect has offered a range of independent testing services including RF attenuation, EMI surveys and magnetic steel shielding calculations.  Where enviro-Steel® shielding is required, the company can supply and install to the magnet vendor’s specification.

Annual inspections, servicing and repairs on a wide range of RF doors are also available.  “Finger and gasket type doors require regular professional cleaning and lubrication to ensure maximum service life,” says Envirotect.  “Periodically the RF fingers or gasket will require replacing to maintain the best shielding performance and we can now replace these parts on a range of doors.”