Shielding is designed for new breed of PETMR scanners

Radiation shielding provider Envirotect Limited has developed an integrated system that is expected to provide a solution for radiofrequency interference and ionising radiation emittance from the latest PETMR scanners.

“The move toward PETMR is an exciting technological breakthrough in diagnostic imaging which combines 3.0T MRI and molecular imaging, allowing simultaneous MR and PET in clinical use, thereby producing a comprehensive diagnostic image in one scan,” states Envirotect.

One of the company’s challenges has been to produce an integrated shielded door system and observation window that can provide patient and operator safety against ionising radiation shielding will still providing the necessary RF shielding for the Faraday cage to enable clear imaging without artefacts or interference. The benefit of this is to only have one door set and observation window with combined shielding capabilities.

Envirotect’s shielding products are compatible with all major magnet vendors. Managing director Niven Smith said: “This will complement our range of standard shielding products and give us a stronger standing in the marketplace.”

Envirotect manufactures and supplied products such as lead lined door sets, x-ray screens, observation windows, lead vinyl and lead glass as well as RF cages and steel shielding for MRI scanners.

Editorial printed in the September issue of Rad Magazine.

Siemens Biograph MMR image provided courtesy of Siemens Healthcare.