Successful installation of first RF Cage for Envirotect

Envirotect continue to stride forward since the addition of MRI and magnetic shielding to their traditional range of radiation shielding products.

Working on behalf of Avenue Building Company, Envirotect have successfully completed their first RF cage installation with magnetic steel shielding at BMI Bath Clinic, Somerset.

The complex design involved magnetic steel shielding around two cross beams in the ceiling prior to the installation of the RF cage.

The frame work for the RF cage was manufactured in panels at Envirotect’s premises in Leighton Buzzard.  These panels were then transported to the site and moved into position where any small adjustments were made before final installation. 

Manufacturing the panels, windows and doors in advance saved valuable time on site during this tight new build schedule. 

Considering this was Envirotect’s first RF cage installation it proved they are able to cope with complex designs.

A big part of Envirotect’s successful installation was due to the fact that they visit the site at least once to verify site conditions and dimensions which help them to accurately manufacture a custom room. If required a further visit would be arranged with the Site Manager 4 to 5 days prior to the installation start date to ensure that the site is ready and that there are no major changes.

Avenue Building Company were so pleased with the quality and progress of work that they awarded Envirotect with a further project before completion or final test of the RF cage had taken place at BMI Bath Clinic.

Communication between all parties involved was the key to success.