Timely inspections ensure correct operation of RF doors

Envirotect offers annual RF door inspections consisting of a full examination of the whole RF door system including the general condition of the frame and door face, door seal, latch system, hinges, door closer and contact fingers.

Finger and gasket type doors require regular professional cleaning and lubrication to ensure maximum service life and correct operation.  Periodically the RF fingers or the gasket will require replacing to maintain the best shielding performance and Envirotect can replace these parts on a range of doors.

MRI contracts manager Howard Nutkins has been performing RF tests at various sites throughout the UK.  Independent tests can be arranged, including RF attenuation, EMI survey, vibration survey and magnetic steel calculations.  The company can also supply and install enviro-Steel® magnetic shielding is required.

A range of radiation and RF shielding products including lead lined panels, door sets, observation windows, x-ray screens, lead glass, cabinets and lead vinyl are all available.