Radiotherapy Shielding 5% Boron Loaded Polyethylene (BPE)

Radiotherapy shielding is often required when using very high powered radiation such as linear accelerators (LINAC).  These machines are usually housed in the basement of hospitals where they are surrounded with high density concrete.  The entrance often referred to as the ‘maze’ is designed in such a way that the distance and path both provide shielding allowing the radiation to lose energy and therefore creating a safe environment for both staff and public.

However, this is not always possible due to space constraints or when an upgraded machine is installed within an existing room.  In this situation additional shielding may be required to increase protection.  This can be achieved by installing a strategically positioned boron loaded material to the therapy room and the entrance ‘maze’.  This material is equally useful if the room has doors and can be installed to walls and ceilings.

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Envirotect Radiotherapy Shielding